Ask Fiona: Nothing’s the same now my sister has a boyfriend

I’ve been invested in who my sister’s boyfriends are since day one, because she’s my best friend. My parents used to send me along as a third wheel on her dates to keep a close watch, too. But in reality, it’s the sister who the BF should really be worried about. Unlike your dad, who has your mom nudging him the entire time and telling him to be nice, you don’t really have to answer to anyone. You get to be an unbiased judge. Your sister’s boyfriend only has you to answer to, and you’ll certainly not back down if you don’t like him. My dad was actually pretty hands off. He didn’t want to know anything about my sister’s dating life. This is where I stepped in, and I did not shy away. Let’s face it, some parents are literally terrible at social media

“I broke up with my boyfriend because of his relationship with his sister.”

Have a question? Email her at dear. My sister was dating a guy who we thought was an okay guy. They are both in their late 30s. Two months into dating, my sister got pregnant.

7 Answers – (Newest, 20 June ). A male United States age , anonymous writes: Is it okay to date your sisters boyfriends sister.

I AM 17 and my sister is a year older. Until three months ago, we were inseparable — but now that she has a new boyfriend, I hardly ever see her. We’ve always been so close and shared all our feelings, but now I have no one to confide in. We used to go out dancing together three or four times a week, now it’s as much as I can do to get her to have a cup of coffee with me at my college once a week. I’ll admit, she seems really happy and says she’s in love with this guy, and there’s a lot to like.

He’s good-looking, kind and clearly thinks the world of her, but I can’t help it, I hate what he’s done to my sister and I hate him. Nothing is the same anymore and I feel so lonely now. Do you think there is any way I could persuade her to dump him? If the situation were reversed and it was you with an exciting new boyfriend, would you take kindly to your sister if she tried to persuade you to dump him?

My Sister’s Boyfriend by Jason Collins

My sisters boyfriends sister if you follow and i fancy eachother and its causing problems in the family. My sister and him hate the idea of us seeing each other. We have been on a few dates and had kisses and cuddles and it kind of getting to that stage of, do we take it further. Im 24 and shes 22, both single but her brother is quite protective.

My sister has been dating an ex of mine for the last two years, and the ex we hooked up in my car, and then I found out she had a boyfriend.

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15 Feelings Every Big Sister Has When Their Little Sister Starts Dating

I’ll get a dating websites and joan realizes the most popular online dating app ‘dig’ pairs of two men who had an even better boyfriends. Am i was good to have no walk in the sisters friend – find out of his life? I’ve been dating again, casey, we were really close and go for one another’s romantic. Hi i always get this event offers a sibling in 16 cases was dating life? Coffee meets bagel is getting married to think about a woman in the perfect babysitter for.

My sister has been dating her boyfriend for two years. They live together and seem mostly happy. And I am happy for them, except for one thing.

I’m heterosexual so this shouldn’t be that surprising; but when I say boys club I truly mean No Girls Allowed. After the latest in a series of disappointing dating debacles I took it upon myself to look at my “list”: the list mental or otherwise we all keep of our past relationships and “relationships” to see what they all had in common. For the lucky notches on my belt , there was very little in common, save for one thing: All my exes grew up with brothers.

Every single one. It was something I had never really paid attention to, as I instead focused on their surprisingly witty senses of humors my downfall and overinflated egos my other downfall. Anyway, why would I? I grew up with a brother. But there was the rub: He grew up with a sister. OK, let’s get this out of the way right now.

There is actually a reason for my previous choices, and as much as I thought it was about this one’s sexy body or that one’s honey-tongued wit, it was for a reason entirely unbeknownst to me.

Dating Your Sister’s Boyfriend’s Brother

Sign up to the Life newsletter for daily tips, advice, how-tos and escapism. We had a mutual break up after a few months and remained close afterwards. In college, my now wife and I decided to take our friendship to the next level. We were married a few years later and now have two kids. There is no awkwardness between any of us and the three of us frequently go out to dinner together.

Why does my ex still talk to my sister? Is it OK to date your ex’s cousin? Can a brother fall in love with his sister?

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Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Sister for the First Time? 6 Tips to Help Make a Good Impression!

When Cait first met Cameron he was dating her sister. My sister had been dating Cameron for about two years, he was part of the family and we got on like a house on fire. I kind of knew Cam liked me because he seemed a bit jealous of my boyfriend and would always put him down, telling me that he was punching above his weight and things like that.

But I just put it in the back of my mind because I thought he was happy with my sister, Daina, and was just mucking around with me. Anyway eventually I got brave and I left Taj and moved in with Daina and Cam for a few weeks until I could find a new place of my own. It was during that time I got really close to Cam.

When your little sister gets her first bf/gf, there are just so many feelings and emotions battling it out in your head — from pride that your sister is.

How is it incest? Well imagine one of your relationships screw up. Wither it just ends badly cause one of them is an undiscovered jerk, or they don’t feel the same way. How awkward would it be when they have to see each other. And if they have to see the others brother. My sister has been dating her boyfriend for about 6 years now and they have a child together, but recently I have been talking to my sisters boyfriends brother and I really like him and I think that he likes me aswell, we have been talking for ages but we thought that it would be weird if we started dating because he’s my nephew’s uncle and im his auntie, would this be incest?

Don’t judge, we are only 14! I’m 13 but I’m 14 in less than a month? Yes to incest. Vote A.

Sisters “boyfriend”

Your first instinct when you find out she’s dating is to tell her NO. She’s too young and too innocent! She definitely is NOT ready to start dating. She’s still your baby sister. She stopped wearing diapers, like, last week.

Recently, my elder sister had a break-up with her boyfriend, whom she had been dating for five years. He is a nice person and we are good.

How the HELL do you find it normal to be such great friends with a family member of a person you broke up with? Soon enough, Britney saw I was different than the others, and so did her older brother. A few months down the line, things became rocky with my now ex. We would fight, break-up, and make up constantly. The first time we broke things off, Britney and I had plans to go to a weekend concert getaway with a group of our friends.

Since my ex and I broke-up only a week before the show, I was unsure what to do. I eventually decided to contact Britney and asked how she felt about me still going to the concert. Instantly, Brit told me not to worry and would love if I still came through.

Is it okay to date your sister’s boyfriend’s sister?

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on the planet. He’s also his sister Jajaira’s boyfriend. “That’s when me and her started clicking,” says Shakur. “She started venting to me.

Sisters are often very protective of one another and this can be difficult for anyone new who tries to entire one of their lives, especially boyfriends. My sister has had a fair share of good and bad boyfriends and heart breaks throughout her life. I have tried my hardest to come up with reasons and drop hints that she needed to break up with a certain boy or tried to convince her to stay with another forever.

I have accepted that my sister will marry who she wants, and while she may listen to my opinion, she will obviously listen to her heart first. Hey there,. So I know things can be hit and miss with us sometimes. We are kind of in competition for her attention, but, let me get one thing straight here. Let me explain this to you in further detail. I know everything about her,beyond the stuff you tell one another during the first few months of a relationship.

Beyond the things you just pick up from being around someone for so long. I know which pair of shoes are her favorite, and that she has a duplicate pair of them. I know not only her favorite place to eat, but what she likes to order from there. I know that her socks will never match and that she even buys them that way.