Coed Activities Are and Should Be Normal: What Both Rabbi Shulman and His Critics Get Wrong

Image credit – Shema Yisrael Torah Network The so called Shidduch crisis has become one of the most discussed topics of our day. At least in the world of the right wing. This phenomenon is the result of a culture gone wrong in many ways. Interestingly this phenomenon does not really exist in the Chasidic community. Chasidim get married very young. Men and women both start dating at around the same age. It is not uncommon for a Chasidic couple to get married when both are about 19 years old. So it kind of equals out. But for reasons that are beyond the scope of this post the Chasidic model of marriage cannot realistically be applied to communities outside of their own.

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The document specified everything from clothing colors and patterns right down to nail polish, from the length of wigs down to type of shoes. Sheker haCheyn, veHevel Hayofi indeed; external appearance can be false and shallow , while true beauty lies within. Unfortunately, neither the Crown Heights letter nor the guidelines contain anything that extols the virtues of women.

As far back as I can remember, every Pesach was a reminder that we owe everything to the women who resisted Pharaoh in ways the men could not dare. When called before Pharaoh, they did not beg or hide, they fooled him by saying that Jewish women always gave birth before they could even arrive; that was courage and brilliance.

so in the name of tznius and the life I wanted, I rid my closet and my In the name of what was “done” I began dating, met my husband, and fell.

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For those of us who shop for skirts online and offline, it is sometimes disconcerting to see modest skirts advertised on modest stores which appear short on the models. Is it possible that these models are wearing skirts whose length are actually not modest for them? Are skirt lengths of inches even kosher?

We might never think about it, but really there are so many tznius pitfalls in dating. In the car alone. Walking at night alone with an unrelated girl. Talking alone.

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Aug 21 1 Elul Torah Portion. Is it necessary to be properly dressed in the privacy of one’s own home? How about in the bedroom?

A man and a woman who are dating must be extremely careful not to be in a they must make sure that the job does not pose Yichud or other tznius issues.

However, I believe that some people would enjoy a different perspective on this topic, and it is my hope to bring attention to this urgent problem. So how should I dress? In a sheitel that is both elegant , tznuis and beautiful. It will be nicely styled and not look messy. I truly want my daughter to proud of her mother who look beautiful and Tznius, and hope that she will then want to continue that path.

I have a sister in law who had a teacher that whatever she said to her students, it had such a beautiful impact on them or at least on my sister in law, that she was left with a very big desire to be tznius.

Modesty: An Adornment For Life: Day By Day – 2 Volume Set

On the basis of the profound saying of the Alter Rebbe , founder of Chabad , to the effect that “A Jew has to live with the time,” i. These blessings reach their zenith in the Divine promise, “And I will make My sanctuary among you For Kedushah, Taharah and Tznius are the foundations of the indwelling of the Sanctuary and Shechinah among Jews in general, and within every Jew, man and woman, in particular. The sanctity of the “camp,” the Jewish home, and of Jewish conduct, is clearly emphasized elsewhere in the Torah, namely: “Your camp at home and outside the home shall be holy, that He not see in you any immorality, and turn away from you.

Our Sages explain that Tznius and Kedushah must be observed in every aspect of Jewish life, including speech and thought, and certainly in dress and general conduct.

Tznius is not only clothing and outer apperance it is how we conduct up often when discussing shiduchim, match-making for dating: “Oh, you will love her!

Is there a limit to how many people or in what regard? What are practical solutions to avoid the dilemma of giving fake excuses? It is my understanding that although there is nothing objectively problematic or unjust in having certain people know that one is dating, there remain three primary causes for discretion; tznius , eyin hora , and personality. That being the case, it is my opinion that it very much depends on the reason one feels compelled to share, along with their level of comfort in revealing such matters.

As such, regarding tznius and eyin hora , if there is a practical reason to divulge e. Similarly, if it is a matter of derech eretz e. It is not particularly unusual for people to go away for Shabbos and visit another town for a change of pace, or to escape the daily grind for a day or two to catch a little break, and provided that one commands a matter-of-fact demeanor, I have found that this explanation is generally taken at face value.

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Rabbi Ozer Alport has recently published Parsha Potpourri, a collection of his writings on the weekly parsha. The sefer is a wonderful opportunity to have a printed collection of the best of the past seven years of Parsha Potpourri. To order an inscribed copy directly from Rabbi Alport or to contact him regarding the book, please email him at oalport optonline. The leaders of the community wanted to appoint an outsider to take his place, while one of the Rav’s sons argued that he was suited for the position and deserved precedence as the inheritor of his deceased father.

The two sides agreed to bring the dispute to the Chofetz Chaim for resolution.

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