Who has a girlfriend in Highlight (Beast)?

I know that this is a old rumor. Back to even but I just want to know if this is true. The events of this rumor is in the following order. HyunA and Beast’s Junhyung dated for a brief time during “Change”. Well I’m not sure if they dated but something between them was going on. They never went public with their relationship.

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One of the original members, Jang Hyun-seung, officially left the group in April, Jun-hyung is highly popular for producing a lot of well-known songs, not only for his group, but also for another singer. The group debuted under the new name of Highlight. As Highlight, they have released two extended plays.

Yong Jun-hyung had a relationship with Goo Hara of KARA though they He has gone on a date with Park Shin bye in a secret place and it was not he had a relationship with a member of k-pop group 4minute’s Hyuna.

The Tutor. My Life Is You. CUBE Family. Time passes – People change. Am I delusional? Need more friends on tumblr. Keep reading. But then i feel like they kinda broke it off. Maybe due to busy schedules or misunderstandings or it just didnt work out. They rarely even look at each other in public.

Hyuna and junhyung dating quotes

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In April , original member Jang Hyunseung left the band. Later that year, the remaining members moved to Around Us Entertainment and changed the band name to Highlight. On March 14, , following the chatroom scandal, Junhyung announced his departure from the band. The members voted him most likely to fall in love at first sight.

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did junhyung and hyuna dating This song was prerecorded before troublemaker formed and hara/junhyung started dating. HyunA and.

These are just rumors made by fans, please do not take it too seriously, these are just speculations. So basically in june ,t he day after JunHyung and Hara ‘s relationship was confirmed, Jiyoon and Jihyun started tweeting stuff like : “What a jerk”. There’s not even screencaps of the tweets? They were all deleted by them.

But if you ask 4nia and Beauty, they made quite the fuss back then. I’ll search for screencaps if I can find them. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue.

Korean Group Highlight Asks Fans Not To Support Former Member Junhyung’s New Music

The Avengers is out! Junhyung reads the text message from Hara and sighs. How he would love to say no and turn her down. How he would love to go with Hyunseung instead. After he announces his relationship with Hara, Hyunseung break up with him, and he drifted off ever since.

26 Years OST, 2AM, 2BiC, Jihwan (2BiC), Junhyung (2BiC), 2Boram, 2EYES Dalja’s Spring OST, Damiano, Dating Agency: Cyrano OST (drama) Hye Ryoung, Hyena OST, Hyolyn, Hyoo Woo, Hyukoh, HyunA, I am a.

Jang Hyunseung left the band after 7 years, in April The band debuted in October under Cube Entertainment. They left their old agency in and now they are under Around US Entertainment. Highlight debuted on 20th March Doojoon Dujun Facts: -He is very emotional and will cry at the littlest things. The members voted him most likely to fall in love at first sight.

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It began on Aug. On the same day, their agency Cube Entertainment denied the relationship and said that the news had no basis. We wanted to honestly tell our fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing. Other fans, mostly non-Koreans, celebrated the announcement and wished the couple further success. While the Korean government has taken steps to address issues on slave contracts, this issue revived discussions on talent contracts and the extent of control that agencies can have over their artists.

Trouble Maker (Korean: 트러블 메이커) was a duo formed by Cube Entertainment in , The sub-unit was officially billed as ‘JS & Hyuna’, which Hyun-seung went on to reveal on his Twitter alongside Pentagon’s E’Dawn, following the announcement they had been dating. Jang Hyun-seung · Yong Jun-hyung.

Something has to explode for it to be fun. Since key of him and i’m pretty people. The members of SHINee have each shared handwritten letters detailing their decision to soldier on for the group’s 10th anniversary, the current state of their rumors over the past month, as well as their continued love for Jonghyun even though the singer is no longer with the group. Jonghyun – real name Kim Jong-Hyun – was a founding member of SHINee in and became one of the Onew Shinee Nose Job Onew nose job has been a controversy among haters and fans since when he was first time rumored for undergoing the knife for refining his nose.

I A blog that dishes out kpop rumors, scandals and more! You know that certain actually many idols that seem so obviously gay but try to cover it up with all kinds of nonsense? And my opinion is that some of them or all are gay or bisexual. There have also been many rumors worried about us [SHINee], and we have decided to continue the Japan fanfic as planned.

When Shinee was a rookie, they had tons of rumors, including iljin rumors and gang rumors.

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